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Labeling requirements for nutraceutical products have much in common with food and pharmaceutical guidelines, but they also have important differences.

Nutraceuticals are still a relatively new category. So, to make matters more complex, the very definition of what a nutraceutical product actually is can often be ambiguous.

From increasing your body’s intake of needed vitamins and minerals, from helping to helping delay the effects of aging, from strengthening the health of individual organs—the list of applications is only as limited as your imagination.

Nutraceutical Labels Help to Increase Health and Well-Being.

With virtually limitless possibilities and applications, nutraceuticals are a growing market that more and more consumers are accepting.

To empower your nutraceutical brand, LSI has a dedicated team focused on all aspects of nutraceutical product design, labeling, packaging, branding, and perhaps most important, shelf appeal and proven techniques to drive more sales.

Ask our customers what LSI did for them—and what we can do for you. When it comes to nutraceutical packaging and labeling best practices, come to LSI for the labeling partner you need.

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